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Team Racing 2009: FINAL RESULTS

May 31, 2009

The final results are in! Congratulations to BOSTON COLLEGE, the winner of the 2009 ICSA/APS Team Racing Championships!!!

Here is the final tally of wins and losses:
Boston College 13-4
St. Mary’s 12-5
Georgetown 10-7
Yale 9-8

Thank you to all the competitors, umpires, and the race committee for a weekend of great sailing.

Steve Wolff
Rick Hatch
Brian Stanford
Vicki Call Sodaro
Glenn Oliver
John Storck
Charlie Arms
Pat Healy
Bryan McDonald
Charlie Cook
Mike Gross
Tom Duggen
Katie Maxim
Don Becker
John Taglimonte
John Pierce
Betsy Altman
Eddy Conrads
John Pratt
Mary Farrell

Announcer: Ken Legler

Sponsors: APS, The Landing School and Marlow


Volunteers from the Cal and CMA Sailing Team members and alumni


Team Racing 2009: Gold Round 2 Results + announcing the Final Four!

May 31, 2009

Gold Round 2 has come to a close and the Final Four has been determined. BC (11 wins), St. Mary’s (10 wins), Georgetown (9 wins), and Yale (8 wins) will be battling it out for the number one spot.

Although they did not make it to the Final Four, the rest of the Gold Fleet sailed admirably. Races were close and the commentary by the Tufts coach got the whole crowd involved. Charleston finished the weekend with 7 wins, Harvard with 6, Stanford with 3, and SUNY with 2. Great work sailors!

Boston College 11-3
St. Mary’s 10-4
Georgetown 9-5
Yale 8-6
Charleston 7-7
Harvard 6-8
Stanford 3-11
NY Maritime 2-12

Day 2 Photos!

May 31, 2009

Here are some photos of the racing from Day 2! Check out more at



Gold fleet racing still to come tomorrow

May 31, 2009

Gold Round Robin number two was started this afternoon in a building westerly. Winds were around 15 knots with some larger gusts near the end of the day. Results for the Gold fleet at the end of the day Saturday are as follows:

Gold Fleet Scores (rotation incomplete)
Total Wins (Races left to sail)
Boston College 8 (3)
Georgetown 8 (3)
St. Mary’s 7 (3)
Charleston 7 (2)
Yale 6 (3)
Harvard 5 (3)
Stanford 2 (3)
NY Maritime 2 (2)

Report time tomorrow morning is 9AM with the first start at 945AM. Racing in the Gold fleet will be completed tomorrow followed by a final four round robin to determine the national champions!

Team Race Nationals 2009: Silver Round Results

May 30, 2009

The results from the Silver Round are in! Congratulations to University of Southern Florida, who took first place with 5 wins. Next was UC Irvine with 4 wins, then University of Washington with 3 wins, University of Wisconsin with 2 wins, University of Michigan with 1 win, and Tulane rounding up the fleet. Gold Round 2 has just begun, so stay tuned for more results.

Silver Fleet Results
South Florida 5-0
UC/Irvine 4-1
U/Washington 3-2
Wisconsin 2-3
Michigan 1-4
Tulane 0-5

Photos: Meet the Teams!

May 30, 2009

Your hosts, the UC Berkeley sailing bears:




UC Irvine:

University of Washington:



Day 1 Photos

May 30, 2009

Here are some more pictures of the action from Day 1!

Gold Round 1 Results

May 30, 2009

Day 2 of the Team Racing Nationals is in full swing. Sailors are contending with 8-10 knots of shifty breeze, and fierce competition.

So far, after finishing Gold Fleet Round 1, Georgetown, St. Mary’s and Boston College all have 5 wins, while Charleston and Harvard have 4. Below are the win totals, for Gold Fleet Round 1.

Georgetown 5
Charleston 4
Harvard 4
Yale 3
St. Mary’s 5
Boston College 5
Stanford 1
NY Maritime 1

The Silver/ Consolation Fleet has begun to sail. More results to come soon!

Great pictures are available online from

Photos from Day 1

May 30, 2009

GTS Photos has been on the water at the ICSA/APS Team Racing National Championship and was nice enough to share a few shots with us. Check out the rest of GTS’s photos from day one here


May 30, 2009

Looking for the full grid of results? They are posted over at the ICSA webpage.